Our Gothic Style Church in Lyme Regis was built in 1835.  It is an attractive and much-loved Grade II listed building with Bell Tower and Presbytery, standing high above the town.   However despite necessary repairs and maintenance over the years, continued exposure to gales and salt air now make it necessary for us to undertake more extensive renovation works if we are to preserve the Church for future generations.

A survey commissioned in 2017 has identified the extent of renovation work needed, and the likely total cost of this work amounts to approximately £300,000.

Priority has been given to the most essential and urgent items:

1.         Church – Rainwater gutters and downpipes, external stonework, windows, main entrance  door, rendering, roof, external painting and internal decoration

2.         Bell Tower

External woodwork, windows, gutters & downpipes, bell repairs and refitting.

The Parish is actively seeking assistance from various grant making bodies, hoping to raise more than half the costs in this way.

We are aiming to raise £50,000 from the Parish through personal bequests, donations and fundraising.  

Supporting our shared history and national heritage